Is Your PPC Ad Spend All Wrong?

A complex scenario explained. By default, Adwords accounts track conversions generally on a last click model. That means if customer #1 comes to the site for the first time ever from a paid search ad and immediately purchases a product, that would fall under the last click model since the paid search ad was the last entry point.

Next, if a customer comes to the site via a paid search ad on Monday, but comes back to the site Wednesday via an organic listing, the organic listing would get credit for that conversion, under the last click attribution model and the paid search ad would be left out.
As you can see just from this simple example, by not considering EVERY interaction with the ads and how it impacts revenue for clients, it would be doing them a HUGE disservice.

PPC Assisted ConversionsWHAT WE DO

We will look at assisted conversion* reports in depth both in Google Analytics and Google Adwords to get a much broader picture of how customers interact with a clients’ website. Be it via a first click interaction, last click interaction, or somewhere in the middle. We track the customers throughout their entire journey and utilize the assisted conversion metrics to optimize accounts accordingly, which can have SUBSTANTIAL impact to the clients’ bottom line.


One keyword spend could be $1,000 and on the last click only generate $5. At first glance, it could be viewed as a complete loser. However, upon digging into the data and looking at assisted conversions, this could reveal that this one keyword generated more than $10,000 in assisted revenue.


By not taking into account assisted conversions, clients, and whoever is managing their paid accounts, could be leaving thousands (or as we have seen) to tens of thousands of dollars on the table by not looking at the full view.

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*Assisted Conversions – the interactions that a customer has with a website leading up to a conversion, but not the final interaction.

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