Women Play a Leading Role in Social Media Participation

mom bloggerMore women than ever before are spending their time online, rather than reading the newspaper, magazines, listening to the radio and engaging in other traditional media activities. The 2009 Women in Social Media Study by BlogHer, IVillage and Compass Partners, show that over fifty percent of women online today are between the ages of 27-62. So what is causing the sudden shift?

Social media is now attracting over 42 million women, 75% of which participate in social networks such as Facebook or MySpace. When it comes to advice and recommendations, 55% of these women are turning to blogs to seek out information. The survey showed that 45% of respondents purchased an item after reading about it in a blog post. Whether it be women on the lookout for the best deal on shoes or moms posting tips on raising children, women have become the most actively engaged participants in the realm of social media networks. The trust in like-minded consumers and peer groups supports the trend reported by MarketingVox in 2007 that “91% of moms prefer brands that other moms have recommended.”

Blogs are becoming the new medium of communication for women when it comes to finding the best places for deals, getting coupons, giving recommendations for products, or even receiving guidance for the daily struggles in a woman’s life. Through blogs, search engines, and other social media marketing vehicles, businesses can focus on reaching out to and engaging these key, household decision makers.

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