Time To Dust off the Old Blog Possibly

If you are like many people out there you jumped on the blog bandwagon when it was the “hot thing” when instead of twitter and facebook you heard “visit our blog” at blah blah .com all the time.

Well it may be time to pull that old blog off the shelf , crack it open and start writing in it again.   If you don’t have a corporate blog its still not to late.. but I’d start one up now.

This article over on search engine land points to some indication of whats going to be important in the future.. and references to fresh content are all over this article. In fact is the update called simply FRESH? It seems like I heard that somewhere. Anyway head over to this site to read more.

Should you be concerned? Maybe.  According to the article this update will effect 35% of searches vs. 12% effected in the Panda update.

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