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Why Curated Content is Vital to Your Social Media Strategy

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in” -Craig Davis When brands take on the world of social media marketing, one of the biggest temptations is to use it as just another marketing platform, like your website or a tv commercial. Time and time again, we see brands that are posting …

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Improve Response Time and Customer Service with a Social Media Manager

A company’s social media page is often the first destination for customer complaints, praise and inquiry. People are increasingly turning to their smartphones and computers to gather information and voice their opinions about brands. This makes prompt customer service imperative on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Responding to concerns expressed on social media in a timely manner can help …

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News-Feeds Going Personal! Confirmed changes to take place on Facebook

Earlier this week there was much speculation on what Facebook had in the works for its users. Following a press event, we can confirm that the changes on the news-feed are due to start integrating in the next few weeks. Here is what we can expect to see The overall look of “News-Feeds” will be totally different, with it’s aim …

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Rumor has it…Facebook is Making Big Changes Again!

We all remember when Facebook launched the new Timeline, first offering users to sign up for the new feature and then later requiring all accounts to switch to the new design. During this time I also witnessed many people expressing their frustrations and dislikes of the new changes from their personal Facebook walls. One important thing to understand and gain …

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“Getcha ROI!” How To View A Successful Social Media Campaign

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Many marketing directors and small business owners that are a part of our social media campaigns are looking for the ‘big’ answer which is, “how can I figure out my return on investment (ROI) of my social media campaigns?” In many of our SEO campaigns, we’ve looked at viewer’s measurement online. We are focusing now on one of the most …

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