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4 Reasons Your Company Should Outsource SEO & Social Media

It’s undeniable that search engine optimization and social media marketing are invaluable tools in a business’ fight to be seen by relevant potential customers. As they become part of more small businesses’ marketing strategies, that raises the question: to outsource or not to outsource? If your company is debating this question, consider the following points before making your decision: Constantly …

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Learn from Viral Social Media Marketing Fails

smm fail

For the outside observer, the various brand fails that end up going viral are usually pretty funny. What is not funny is being on the other side of such a PR disaster. To help prevent the backlash and stress that comes with making a big mistake on your company’s social media accounts, here are the top lessons we can take …

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How Much Should I Spend on Facebook Ads?


If you have already decided to make the leap into social media marketing and advertising with Triangle Direct Media, the first question on your mind may be “how much should I budget?” We get this question all the time, and unfortunately the answer is: it depends. Since we know that is a painful answer to hear, we’ve put together this …

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Facebook Testing New Star Ratings In Ads

5 star

This week, Triangle Direct Media received an email from Facebook alerting us to a new ad feature that will be tested with one of our clients: business ratings on ads. For now, details are limited, but this is what the email from Facebook had to say about the feature: We are pleased to announce that your page has been chosen …

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5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty with Social Media


Customer loyalty is a holy grail for companies of all sizes. It’s what drives customers to purchase the same products and services from the same brands and firms despite numerous comparable alternatives, and is integral to a business’s sustainability and growth. It’s also why so many advertising dollars and marketing efforts are focused on earning and keeping customer loyalty. Perhaps …

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Social Media In Review: The 5 biggest changes in 2016

Just like your ever-changing Twitter feed, social media platforms are constantly rolling out new updates, both big and small. While every change matters, some make a bigger difference for your social media marketing strategy than others. Here are our picks for the 5 biggest social media updates this year: Facebook launches Reactions You may have already forgotten that Facebook’s Reactions …

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What NOT to do on Social Media for Businesses

We’ve all seen the cases where a marketer’s a huge mistake on a brand’s social media account goes viral. However, not all social media marketing mistakes are so obvious. Here are some invaluable tips to help manage the more subtle mistakes you could be making on your business’ social media channels: Your page is too personal (or too impersonal) There’s …

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New Facebook Page Update: What Changed?

Facebook has been quietly testing a few new page designs over the past month, and it looks like they’re finally ready to test on a wider scale. Many users are beginning to see one of the two new Facebook page updates as of today, which appears to be rolling out on a per-user basis (not a per-page basis). The changes …

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Dealing with Customer Criticism on Social Media

When your business has a public presence on social media, some form of negative feedback or customer criticism is inevitable. Although this may seem like a good reason to avoid participating in the social media movement, you can actually use negative feedback on social media as an opportunity to engage in active social listening and build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. …

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Which Social Media Platforms Should My Business Use?

Whether you’re just getting started or wanting to reorganize your brand’s social media presence, you may be tempted to create accounts on all the top platforms to maximize your social reach. However, this is a huge waste of time, and it frequently results in dead profiles. As time goes on, it will become clear which of the platforms will be …

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