Surprise – Organic Results get 94 percent of Search Traffic

  • 94% of Searchers do not clicks ads they click on organic results.
  • Thus only 6% of traffic is going to paid search.

Search Engine Watch published an  article referencing a study done by Nielsen and GroupM.  There is a great graphic on another site located at:  Infographic HERE

I won’t rehash the stats too much here you can follow the links above  and see a lot of fun data. All of which  indicates if you are not placing importance on organic search optimization you are missing sales, revenue and traffic.

The bottom line is there is a wealth of opportunity in the organic search results.. even for companies that can’t crack the top 3 search results for their terms.  (1/3 of traffic goes beyond the top 3)

A few interesting highlights:

Non Branded Click Results

  • Search Position 1: 48 percent
  • Search Position  2: 12 percent
  • Search Position 3: 8 percent
  • Farther Down the Pages : 32 percent

Branded Search Results

  • Search Postion 1: 35 percent
  • Search Postion 2: 15 percent
  • Search Postion 3: 11 percent
  • Farther down the pages: 39 percent

The study was conducted based on 28 Million people and a total of 1.4 Billion Searches.

**Disclaimer ** TDM is a big fan of PPC advertising and when managed well we believe it can and does create a lot of revenue and profit for the advertisers;  However– companies that ignore or place secondary importance on SEO are absolutely ignoring the largest revenue stream online.***

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