Social Signals and SEO Rankings

We all know that social media is a great way to help increase traffic. When connections are made by friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and others it shows user engagement with your brand.
social signals
If we are focusing on great content and the content is frequently shared, linked to and generates more traffic for your site, then it is indirectly elevating your SEO rankings. In order to receive the benefits of social signals, a brand’s content and creative messaging needs to be innovative, creative and unique. The online audience needs to deem the content ‘share-worthy’ to stimulate online traffic and create, more shares, more likes and retweets.

Social Signals are proving to play a big part in building your brand’s name among consumers and generating quality search engine traffic.

“#Twitter is the second most used search engine after Google.”

Increasing the number of post shares is a great way of showing search engines that your content is active and important to people. Example: if two companies are both posting content about a popular topic, service or brand name and one article is linked to or shared more, a search engine like Google would identify the more shared/linked to article as the winner.

The more Likes, Pins, or Retweets you receive, the more likely people are to click on it to see why it is so popular among users. Bottom line: a better social media presence the better it is for your brand.

What are SOCIAL SIGNALS and what do they mean for your business?

Social Signals are: Interactions with social media content via social media outlets or within your domain by social media followers or online community. For example: Facebook shares, Google +1s, and Twitter retweets could all be considered social signals.

How Are Social Signals Impacting Rankings?

Google + and the +1
The total number of +1s, quality of the users, has there been an increase in +1s, increase in followers, how fast are people sharing your content with other users to increase subscribers.
Total number of Shares and Likes on Facebook (shares are more important than likes); interaction among users through comments, growth rate of Shares and Likes, who is sharing your content (are they “big name” in their online community, or a public figure).
Total number of followers, mentions, favorite, and retweets, reputation of the followers, favorites and retweets, Relevance and speed of tweets.
Total number of pins, Re-Pins, on Pinterest, growth rate of Pins, comments and interactions.
StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit
Upvotes and comments.
social signals and seo
There are many ways to go about boosting your Social Signals. We will share the most important one with you…You must be active on your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) -posting regularly, commenting, and answering questions to engage your audience. If you would like more answers, contact Triangle Direct Media today to talk about how Social Signals can help with your ranking potential.

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