Social Media In Review: The 5 biggest changes in 2016

Just like your ever-changing Twitter feed, social media platforms are constantly rolling out new updates, both big and small. While every change matters, some make a bigger difference for your social media marketing strategy than others.

Here are our picks for the 5 biggest social media updates this year:

  • Facebook launches Reactions
    • You may have already forgotten that Facebook’s Reactions were only launched this February, but it’s true! In a response to the age-old request for a “dislike” button, Facebook introduced the alternate emotional responses for those posts you want to acknowledge but don’t quite “like.”
  • Twitter character limit changes
    • Finally responding to the outcry for longer Tweets, Twitter introduced an update to exclude images, videos, and other multimedia from counting towards the 140 character limit. (Previously they each took up a precious 23 characters.)
  • Instagram switches to a timeline algorithm
    • In June, Instagram ditched their chronological timeline in order to imitate the algorithm-based newsfeed of fellow social platform, Facebook.
  • Facebook page redesign
    • Facebook pages got an overhaul in November, introducing new sections at the top of the central timeline. We reported seeing a test version of this layout change at the end of August.
  • Facebook commits to reducing spread of fake news

Keeping up with social media platform updates is a time consuming and never-ending task, but it’s a task that can seriously affect your business’ online strategy. One of the benefits of having Triangle Direct Media manage your business’ social media presence is not having to worry about keeping up with each and every change to know how your social strategy needs to be adjusted. Our social media experts are already staying on top of each update and will always adjust your campaign strategy accordingly.

If you’d like to get started with our social media management services, contact us today!

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