Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Finally Becomes Reality

binghooMicrosoft & Yahoo have announced a 10-year partnership to take on Google and its search engine market share dominance.  For those companies keenly interested in successes in organic search, this announcement states that Bing’s search engine will power results for Yahoo Sites.  How is your website ranking in Bing for your most important keywords, themes & topics?  It’s about to be reflected in organic listings, so plan accordingly!

While Google is still king of the mountain in terms of search engine market share (65%), one can reasonably conclude that Bing’s search engine will now reach approximately 28% of US search engine users! This is derived from June 2009 comScore numbers where Yahoo garnered 19.6% and MSFT 8.4%, of the US search engine market.  With the continued advertising push by MSFT for on prime-time television and other media outlets, these numbers could keep rising as most feedback has been solid for the Bing ‘experience’.  It’s obvious Yahoo likes their advancements!

Online marketers who are experiencing success in, with mediocre results in Yahoo, should have an added level of excitement and anticipation with these latest announcements.   In contrast, if you’re “off the grid” in, you might want to get your act together sooner than later as Yahoo results are about to experience quite the makeover —- which sounds best, “BingHoo” or “YaBing”? ;-)  Stay tuned for more to come on this partnership or contact TDM’s new media marketing staff with any questions and how this affects your website’s future.

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