Mastering Social Media Marketing is Time Consuming

Facebook is used by 57% of all American adults online (PEW Research). For this reason, Facebook has become a necessary part of the ‘to-do’ list for online marketers. Posting regularly on Facebook is an easy way to keep potential and current customers up to date on what is happening with your brand/service, and it also offers an expedited means of communicating with customers. A simple ‘thank you’ or fast response to a consumer complaint goes a long way to building a positive reputation for your brand.

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But it takes time to fully maximize Facebook’s potential. Five minutes a day is simply not going to be enough time to grow your fan following, moderate what others are posting to your page, answer questions about your products or services, thank customers for positive comments and reviews, share relevant content, create unique content that is interesting to your fans, AND find, edit, or create appropriate images to accompany your updates.

In addition to Facebook, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, used by 26% of all adults online. Instagram has proven to be the place to be for advertisers looking to market to the 18-29 demographic, with 53% of its users in this age range. Likewise, Pinterest is used by 28% of adults and by 42% of ALL females online. This is a huge plus for brands and services looking to attract female consumers! However, Instagram and Pinterest both require visually appealing images to make the most of the platform, which can be very time consuming for some online advertisers. Additionally, you can’t just create a profile and leave it at that – you must dedicate time to posting regularly and engaging with your fans.

In addition to Facebook, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, used by 26% of all adults online.

Twitter has close to 316 million active users as of 07/28/2015. With roughly 29% of users ranged 15-34 and 74% following SMB’s (small to medium businesses) on Twitter to get product updates, this social media platform is a big plus for marketing to millennials. However, the current of updates moves quickly on Twitter, and you need to be around to create and retweet content frequently, in addition to quickly responding to messages, replies, subtweets, and mentions.
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