Marketers Gearing up to Increase Web 2.0 Features

Sounds like marketing departments and firms are planning on a significant increase in budget for Web 2.0 Marketing, and experiences for their websites.

Beyond all the cool charts and graphs from a study conducted by Adobe there are also some notable quotes which I agree with:

“With online commerce growth rates predicted to decline, companies that continue investing to differentiate themselves and deliver compelling user experiences can gain market share over their competition,” said Doug Mack, vice-president of consumer and hosted solutions at Adobe.

“Rich and innovative applications enable businesses to further engage customers with more personal and compelling online experiences, which can ultimately increase conversions and revenues.” From The Web 2.0 Marketing Article I saw.

That’s a very professional and eloquent way for Doug Mack, VP at Adobe to say ” Spend more money on some of the new ways to market your site or get left left in the dust of your competitors.” Doug is absolutely correct.

In order to differentiate your company do more and do it differently. We have many clients at Triangle Direct Media that have opted to do consumer generated product reviews, viral ads, viral videos and more. They are seeing results and reaping the rewards of utilizing social media outlets as well Web 2.0 Technologies to market their businesses.

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