InternetRetailer Survey finds top priority is “Better Search Engine Optimization”

A recent InternetRetailer survey gathered information from more than 90 online retailers, in an effort to identify their primary objectives going into 2009.  The surveys focus was on web design, site content and rich media.  An overwhelming majority of respondents (73%) indicated that the top priority with website design was better search engine optimization.  This can be attributed to not only the reach, but cost effectiveness and ROI associated with strong SEO efforts, especially during an economic downturn when consumer spending is down and marketing budgets trimmed.

Below is a recap of the primary goals associated with online retailer website design & the percentage of respondents:

  • 73% – Better SEO
  • 62% – Better organized & updated home, category & product pages
  • 49% – Clear site navigation
  • 47% – Speedier and more intuitive website

What’s interesting with these findings is that most of these goals can be accomplished when an effective and thorought SEO Audit is conducted on a web business.  Such a process can be conducted internally or with the help of experienced professionals and is often one of the most cost-effective options available to retailers.  A SEO Audit should not only examine, critique and solve key SEO challenges but also prioritize most important factors for a website which can lead to a custom road map for client-side or agency execution.

Other key findings in the IR survey found:

  • 43% of retailers plan to add Video or Streaming Media to their websites
  • 40% will add Personalized Product Recommendations
  • 37% will add Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • 32% will add a Blog or Forum

For more information about New Media Marketing services and how you can better SEO, leverage online video and effectively incorporate product reviews (both on-site and off site), please contact Triangle Direct Media for a free consultation!

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