How Consumers Shop Online – Study Highlights

Channel Advisor just released its bi-annual study titled “How Consumers Shop Online”.  As an industry leader in shopping comparison engines & product feeds, CA knows a thing or two about consumer shopping trends for the advertiser’s they serve.  The study comprised 850+ individuals in nearly 30 states, ages 18-65 years old.  To access the full report, click here.

Here are some key takeaways for online retailers to strongly consider as they plan for the Holiday Shopping season and into the future:

  • “81 percent of consumers begin their product searches with Google and 11 percent begin with Yahoo”
  • “Consumers are using more sophisticated, specific searches to seek out the exact products and deals they want. As a sign of this trend, Google recently reported an eight percent increase in searches comprised of three words or more.
  • “Free shipping, peer reviews/ratings, free returns and the ability to view products from multiple angles are the most influential purchase drivers on
    a retailer’s storefront”
  • Advertisers are using a diversified mix of shopping comparison engines to help promote their brands and other primary traffic sources such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Email marketing, etc.  Below is a breakdown of where CA customers are investing in comparison engines:

As this study indicates, search engines continue to lead the way for online retailers as a source of traffic, product research & comparison, finding deals and finding new brands.  Of that source, search optimization should continue to be a focal point for retailers as it’s the greatest area for improvement, yields the best ROI and provides the longest term impact.  It is important that eTailers consider ways to sell more through a multi-channel approach such as shopping comparison engines, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc.  Use some of this proven information as outlined above to plan your efforts for the holidays & going into 2010.

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