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When blogging, every person, company or entity wants to establish and preserve it’s own “voice”.  There are obviously many blog writing, blog marketing and branding strategies for a myriad of reasons personal & business reasons.  When it comes to writing posts that hit the heart of a topic and may be critically important for increased exposure and SE friendliness, bloggers rarely think about keyword research and search engines.

Well, Wordtracker put its hat in the firefox plug ins game — and it’s fantastic!  You can quickly build a keyword list of important terms to include in your post.  It’s simply a blog writing “insurance policy” and valuable tool for those posts you really want to optimize for search engines.  Based on the topic you want to cover, simply enter some important keywords and start “adding” chosen keywords to your line-up of keywords.  This can become a great tool in a bloggers aresenal and regular daily practices.  If you have any thoughts or early experiences to share, please feel free to! Hat-tip to SEOBook.

Then just start blogging.  When you’re finished with your post, then go back and spot check the # of times you’ve used these keywords.  To show this in action, I’ve screenshot how this tool is tracking this current blog post as I type.  Here comes a Before & After.


Now just start adding keywords into your blog post once it’s finished — here’s a simple bullet point list to show the tool in action:

  • keyword research
  • seo services
  • free wordtracker tool, free wordtracker tool
  • keyword reserach
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AFTER screenshot on keyword mentions is below.  We’re not suggesting you just bullet point keywords to get them in a post, but for the sake of this example, you can see the increase real-time as you add important keywords (that get search traffic) into your blog posts (and at your own discretion).


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