Have you been hit by a panda or penguin?

panda penguin updates
Yes, as the subject line suggests, there are thousands of businesses suffering months and even years later from the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates. Many people we speak with talk as if it is their destiny to never get that pre-update traffic and visibility back in Google.


When affected by algorithm updates, it is important to be able to identify which updates were the culprit. It simply is not enough to say “it was Panda” or “Penguin hit us.” OK, which one????

Ask yourself or the members on your team this: What is the difference between Panda 2.5 and Panda 3.9? And once you find out, how are they individually treated?

Maybe follow with these questions: Which Google algorithm updates have hit my website? Are they still affecting my website? What do I do in response? What is my top priority to implement, in order to get the traffic back?

At TDM, we are able to not only perform robust site architecture analysis, but also pinpoint possible problematic algorithm activity. This in depth analysis allows our experienced team of SEO consultants to prioritize a path for clients. From there, we are both guiding teams and implementing the necessary changes. We have robust, unmatched technology. We have a ton of SEO experience. We rely on data. Data doesn’t lie.

If your organic traffic and rankings have never recovered to pre-Panda or pre-Penguin, and you have tried tirelessly to recover, we want to talk with you.

YOU CAN RECOVER! No more trending like this:
organic ranking trends
Rather, let’s look at this:

positive organic rankings
Call us at 919.228.2475 or simply go to our website, fill out a short form and we will contact you. We can run preliminary analysis, free of charge, and have our team make recommendations for recovery. We have literally analyzed millions of pages, recovered thousands of rankings, reversed penalties, and have our clients in better revenue producing spots than they were prior to joining us!

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