What Google Plus Can Do for Your Business

Google Plus for BusinessSince its launch in the summer of 2011, there has been much uncertainty regarding the future success of Google Plus in the competitive market of social media.  However, over time we’ve learned that businesses who are active on Google’s own social media network known as Google +,  do have some advantages over businesses who have yet to create their own very own Google plus profile.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Google Plus page for your business:

Great validation tool for your location(s), contact information, and hours of operation.

If you are a brick and mortar business, then it’s critical that you integrate this social site as soon as possible. With Google places and the advancement of navigation technology on mobile phones, a G+ account allows potential customers to do a quick search of your company name to quickly and easily find accurate directions to your location. Just last year we published a blog on the recent changes of Google Places Page to the now Google Plus local. To learn more about those changes you can read our blog titled ” Google Places Pages now Google Plus Local“, which includes screenshots comparing the old look of Google Places to the new and integrated Google Local.

A communication channel to provide updates, news, sales or any other relevant information about your business.

G+ updates are readily accessible from a Google search, and since your latest posts will appear under the profile box on the right hand side of a search, you can see how posting about current sales, blogs, or offers could quickly generate interest and revenue from Google search users. A Google Plus page with a profile picture will capture the attention of the user due to the demands of content being more visual.

An SEO and Social Media tool all in one

This is a major benefit to all businesses, large and small. If people are searching for your business, your information will appear on the right hand side of Google search results. Those crawling the internet for your information will not have to expend much effort in finding you, and can quickly navigate to your website or other social media networks. Make sure you have all the appropriate links to your blog, website, and social media accounts on your G+ profile – don’t let your potential customers get lost in the translation.  Also, posts made on your G+ page can and will rank more than once.

Trust in Google

The large majority of internet searchers use and trust Google, and they will also have the same trust in the information provided by Google Plus. Google not only dominates as the largest  search engine provider, but also programs such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Plus Local and so on.

Whether you offer products at a physical location or just provide an online service, you’ll need to create a Google Plus profile soon.  USA Today reported that Google announced that there was a 58% increase in users in recent months, and those could be your potential buyers.  Will it be a powerhouse in social media like Facebook?  That is yet to be determined. Is Google powerful, overall? Yes! 68 % of online users will do a search using Google over any other search engine, and as a social media expert, I would recommend taking every opportunity Google has to offer!

Do you think businesses who are active on their Google Plus pages will experience higher rankings on search engines?

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