Facebook Rolling Out Changes to Facebook Pages

Facebook recently started testing a new format and look for Facebook Pages. The updates are on a trial basis and small so you may not even notice that this happening. The new layout could have an impact on how your page looks and functions.

The first noticeable difference will be the Profile Picture. It will now be much smaller and will overlay and offset below the cover image. The size is to be 88px x 88px including the white border. The profile image should be uploaded at the current 180px x 180px so when clicked it will display full size, for now.

The Tabs now align left and under the new profile picture.

The CTA (call to action) button is showing up as a blue button at the bottom left of the cover photo and top left of the sidebar.

Other buttons: Like, Follow, Message, and Share buttons will now be located under the cover photo and not on the image itself. This creates more visual real estate and will make using more organic photos much easier, since designers will not have to allow for multiple buttons on the image.

facebook page changes

Below is how the page will look when viewed as an Admin. Notice the new CTA button under the profile image, which is viewable when the page is viewed using the ‘View Page as a Visitor’.

call to action facebook

The CTA button allows for the following items to be setup:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Another great advertising option is the ability to pay to advertise your call-to-action button.

The social media marketing team at Triangle Direct Media agrees that the new design updates for the Facebook pages allows for more space and better branding options especially with the new CTA button set up. The updates seem to be rolling out on a per-user (viewer) basis, not a per-page basis, so some people may already be seeing the changes.

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