Facebook Quietly Tests Professional Services Feature

“Find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings”

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As we all know, Facebook is constantly testing and releasing new features – some with small test groups, some rolled out publicly, and some simply slipping under the radar. Recently, Facebook has taken the latter route with a new unannounced feature called “Professional Services.”

This new tool allows users to search for a category of local businesses (such as electrician, car dealership, or pet store) and displays the search results alongside each page’s contact info, Facebook rating, and a review snippet. It seems to use a smart algorithm to decide the order of listings, taking not only rating into consideration, but also customizing the results to the user to some extent.

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Which category a business will show up as a result for depends on the category and subcategories that the business selects on its page’s info section.

Not only is this new feature potentially going to be a fantastic tool for Facebook’s user base, it will also provide businesses with more motivation than ever to finally join the Social Media movement. Facebook remains the most used social network and the most used mobile app, so it makes sense to meet your potential customers where they already are. The Services tool could greatly expand local business discoverability. Additionally, should the testing go well and Facebook continues to develop this tool, it could potentially offer real competition to sites like Yelp, which has had controversy regarding authenticity and ‘not recommended’ reviews.

Currently, this feature is only available on desktop. This is likely because Facebook has not made an official announcement of this feature yet, so it is probably still in the early stages of testing. Presumably, once the first testing phase is over, they will be releasing a complimentary version of this tool for their many mobile users, which will likely be even more popular as people use it to discover local businesses in towns they are visiting (usually without their computer). For now, it can be accessed directly through the Professional Services page, or by clicking the category listing on any Facebook page.

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