New Facebook Page Update: What Changed?

New Facebook Page Update

Facebook has been quietly testing a few new page designs over the past month, and it looks like they’re finally ready to test on a wider scale.

Many users are beginning to see one of the two new Facebook page updates as of today, which appears to be rolling out on a per-user basis (not a per-page basis). The changes are quite striking. As you can see in the screenshot above, the biggest changes of the version we’re seeing include:

  • Moved the profile picture and page name off of the cover photo¬†and into a new column on the left
    • Both the profile picture and the cover photo appear to be the same size as before
    • If your cover photo had visual cues, such as arrows, it will need to be redone to match the new design
  • Call to action button and other buttons moved below cover photo
  • Moved tabs from under the cover image into the new left column
  • Moved Page info, stats, and About section into new column on the right
  • The apps, photos, business reviews, and “Liked by this Page” sections are also in the new right column
  • Removed ads from pages
  • Added a “search for posts on this Page” feature on the right


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