Exclusive! Facebook Testing a New Page Layout!

After a week of seeing a new Facebook Page look, Triangle Direct Media has been able to confirm with a Facebook representative that they are in the process of testing and rolling out a new page layout design:

“It does seem that this page display is a new roll-out feature. This is not available to everyone and some of the functions are still being tested.”

This change comes only a little over a month after the last redesign, and once again dramatically alters how pages look and function. Last week, we reported seeing these changes on our company Facebook account. The changes seem to focus on a redesign of the right hand side bar and the main page timeline in the center.

For example, the current page layout has a featured video option that displays in the about section on the right, as well as a videos section below that. In the new layout, however, this featured video has been removed from the about section completely, and the videos section has been moved above the page’s main timeline. Along with the new central videos section, Facebook has added three other sections: a summary of recent posts, photos, and reviews (if enabled). The new update also seems to entirely remove the new search bar for pages, the apps section, and the “liked by this page” section.

For a full view of the changes being tested, click this thumbnail for a side-by-side comparison:

new-old compare
So far, this design seems to be a work in progress, as we’ve noticed several problems. For instance, we have not been able to successfully view our own company’s page since the change, although we can still see the other pages we manage:

tdm facebook

Another problem we’ve run into is that we can no longer access the “See Pages Feed (Posts from Pages you’ve liked as your Page)” link in the sidebar for the pages we manage. This feature was a great tool for finding content to share and to help pages engage with other relevant pages, so we hope the absence is merely an oversight and not an intentional change.

see pages feed

We will keep you updated as we see or hear more news about the changes to Facebook Pages. Be sure to like us on Facebook and watch our blog to stay up to date on the latest updates and best practices for Facebook and other social media platforms!

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