Create the Social Buzz on Your Page

Social media last year proved to be an internet phenomenon and continues to grow at increasing rates here in 2013. User participation soared for Facebook and Twitter when Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they would be expecting a royal baby. However, Facebook and Twitter are not just for gossip these days. When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Northeast, victims and relief aids cluttered the news-feed to reach out to those in desperate need.

Election year 2012 rolled out the highest participation rate from young voters and where could you find these heated conversations among the young voters; Social Media. News-feeds were once filled with personal status updates about what individuals were doing for the day or how they were feeling. But in recent years, status updates now consist of messages from users about things they are passionate about or want to voice their opinion on. It has become a way for a lot of people to share their feelings about what is going on in the world or in their communities.
When history is to be documented, you can bet there will be a record of it on your favorite social site. Red Bull hosted and documented the supersonic free-fall. Want to find it, just put it in the search box, hit enter and results will start flooding in.

So what does this mean for businesses on social media? I am not saying all of this because if a natural disaster occurs, then you are covered. Or even if your miss a historic event on TV, you can just type away and find the footage on the internet. Yes you could do all those things, but why not bring the action to your business pages. If you are unsure how, then consider looking into Triangle Direct Media’s Social Media Marketing services.

One of the best moves you can make when bringing online attention to your brand is to get involved in the conversation. You might sell athletic gear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mention the historic jump from space. Users on Social Media are everyday people like you and I, they too share the same interests and thirst for knowledge. Take advantage and make the connection by sharing something that would interest you and your fans, even if it has nothing to do with the latest running shoes.

Joining in popular trends, conversations and topics will get your name out there and most importantly create brand awareness. However, use caution and be mindful of the audience that could be reading your comments. If you are worried that your opinions could be misinterpreted, then it is probably a good idea to trash the comment behind. Stay away from highly controversial and divided topics. Hiring a company like Triangle Direct Media with specialized services in social media management and online marketing, will be a great asset to your online campaigns and getting your loyal followers talking. Speak with a social media manager and see how you can create the social buzz on your page!

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