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Is Your PPC Ad Spend All Wrong?

PPC Assisted Conversions

A complex scenario explained. By default, Adwords accounts track conversions generally on a last click model. That means if customer #1 comes to the site for the first time ever from a paid search ad and immediately purchases a product, that would fall under the last click model since the paid search ad was the last entry point. Next, if …

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Is your site ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

holiday sales

Are your Google Rankings where you want them to be? Or are your competitors going to take advantage of the increased natural search volume when November comes around? If you want more natural search traffic sales for Q4 2017, the time to act is now! Ever since the (thankfully last) Penguin Update from 2016, we see much faster results overall …

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Launching a New Website is a Very Exciting and Nerve-Wracking Process

web site boost

Launching a new site is a very exciting and nerve-wracking process. The old website that looks like it was made in the Atari era is almost gone, soon to be replaced by a sleek new up-to-date design. The old ways of uploading products where you had as much creativity as a Soviet journalist will be gone too. You’ll test it …

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Facebook Quietly Tests Professional Services Feature

“Find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings” As we all know, Facebook is constantly testing and releasing new features – some with small test groups, some rolled out publicly, and some simply slipping under the radar. Recently, Facebook has taken the latter route with a new unannounced feature called “Professional Services.” This new tool allows users to …

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Top Three Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Despite their prevalence and success, the power of Facebook ads is still not being fully harnessed by a surprising number of businesses. Whether they don’t understand them, had bad results in the past due to flawed campaigns, or just don’t have the time, many businesses are simply missing out. If your business is not yet taking advantage of this powerful …

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How To Handle Facebook Reviews for Businesses

You might be aware that some Facebook business pages display a 5-star rating system where users can publicly review their experiences with that company. A few of the obvious benefits of enabling your ratings include valuable word-of-mouth endorsements, increased trustworthiness, and established credibility. However, did you know that the star rating also affects the organic reach of your page’s public …

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Improve Response Time and Customer Service with a Social Media Manager

A company’s social media page is often the first destination for customer complaints, praise and inquiry. People are increasingly turning to their smartphones and computers to gather information and voice their opinions about brands. This makes prompt customer service imperative on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Responding to concerns expressed on social media in a timely manner can help …

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Have you been hit by a panda or penguin?

google penalty

Yes, as the subject line suggests, there are thousands of businesses suffering months and even years later from the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates. Many people we speak with talk as if it is their destiny to never get that pre-update traffic and visibility back in Google. NOT SO FAST!!!! When affected by algorithm updates, it is important to be …

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Triangle Direct Media is Hiring!

Triangle Direct Media (TDM) is seeking to immediately expand its inside sales division.  We are looking for highly motivated candidates who are driven to succeed – sales reps who are willing to work hard, work smart, and make as much money as they can.  The industry is highly competitive, so we need someone who is sharp, computer savvy, fearless, and …

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Advertising on Facebook for your business: Is it really worth it?

  To advertise or not to advertise on Facebook has been a question that small businesses have been struggling to answer.  With some recent statistics and list of benefits outlined in this article, you might be able to finally answer that question yourself. Facebook’s preferred marketing and developer program, found that Facebook’s ad clicks, impressions and sponsored stories resulted in …

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