4 Reasons Your Company Should Outsource SEO & Social Media

It’s undeniable that search engine optimization and social media marketing are invaluable tools in a business’ fight to be seen by relevant potential customers. As they become part of more small businesses’ marketing strategies, that raises the question: to outsource or not to outsource? If your company is debating this question, consider the following points before making your decision: Constantly …

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Launching a New Website is a Very Exciting and Nerve-Wracking Process

web site boost

Launching a new site is a very exciting and nerve-wracking process. The old website that looks like it was made in the Atari era is almost gone, soon to be replaced by a sleek new up-to-date design. The old ways of uploading products where you had as much creativity as a Soviet journalist will be gone too. You’ll test it …

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Social Signals and SEO Rankings

social signals

SOCIAL SIGNALS and SEO We all know that social media is a great way to help increase traffic. When connections are made by friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and others it shows user engagement with your brand. If we are focusing on great content and the content is frequently shared, linked to and generates …

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Have you been hit by a panda or penguin?

google penalty

Yes, as the subject line suggests, there are thousands of businesses suffering months and even years later from the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates. Many people we speak with talk as if it is their destiny to never get that pre-update traffic and visibility back in Google. NOT SO FAST!!!! When affected by algorithm updates, it is important to be …

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Discovery marketing and the new mobile search by Pinterest


Pinterest’s new search is currently only available for mobile devices; iPad, iPhone and Android. The new search feature offers descriptive guides which is category-based and delivers results on the keyword or phrase entered. Similar to how Google suggests related search topics, Pinterest’s seeks to help users discover additional interests based on use. For example, when you start searching subjects such …

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What Google Plus Can Do for Your Business

google plus

Since its launch in the summer of 2011, there has been much uncertainty regarding the future success of Google Plus in the competitive market of social media.  However, over time we’ve learned that businesses who are active on Google’s own social media network known as Google +,  do have some advantages over businesses who have yet to create their own …

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Can Facebook Graph Search Dominate Google Local?

Have you heard about Facebook Graph Search?  It’s the new search bar on Facebook that (they hope) will change the way you search, ideally reducing the need to use Google.  Currently Graph Search is in beta, and Facebook is rolling it out to more and more users every day.  I got a chance to look at it earlier this week, …

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When “This Site May be Compromised” Happens

We’ve all been there.  When searching on Google, you come across a site where Google warns, “The Site May be Compromised”. Besides a loss of rankings, what exactly does that mean, and what do you do when it happens to your site?? Well, you’ve probably been hacked, and Google is protecting its users from potentially malicious content.  If that’s the …

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13 SEO Predictions for 2013

With 2013 already well underway, it’s time to make some bold (and some not-so-bold) predictions for the year in search! 1)      A new competitor emerges. With Google at about 70% of the search market, big G is the dominant monster.  But that won’t always be the case, and with so many smart minds in a free market, it’s more likely …

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Duplicate Content Issues

Sploggers, copycats, scrapers, knock-offs, mimeos, ringers… no matter what you call them, they are out there duplicating your content. Almost every website has to deal with them or even their own onsite issues, so we wanted to give some ways to make sure you can keep ranking for your own material. How Search Engines Determine the ‘Real’ Content When search …

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