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6 Must-Have Website Features for Small Businesses

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Most people know by now that businesses of all sizes should have a website, but it’s not enough to simply have a presence on the internet. In order to keep up in highly competitive retail industries, small businesses need to have good websites. Whether you’re launching a new business site or re-launching an existing website, these are just a few of …

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2015 Online Marketing Predictions

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The Spartan Project will increase Bing’s market share. Well it’s about time Microsoft got a new browser! When was the last time someone willingly used Internet Explorer? I know people use it (58% in fact), but I get the feeling it’s just from being the default on PCs, right? With a new “lightweight” browser, Microsoft hopes users actually choose Spartan. …

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“Getcha ROI!” How To View A Successful Social Media Campaign

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Many marketing directors and small business owners that are a part of our social media campaigns are looking for the ‘big’ answer which is, “how can I figure out my return on investment (ROI) of my social media campaigns?” In many of our SEO campaigns, we’ve looked at viewer’s measurement online. We are focusing now on one of the most …

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IRCE 2011

Triangle Direct Media will be attending the annual IRCE 2011, Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition on June 14th – 17th in San Diego, CA. This year’s IRCE theme is “E-Commerce Shifts Into Overdrive—the Race Is On”. The conference is designed to give e-retailers information and the tools they need to stay competitive in today’s e-commerce market. TDM will have SEOtool …

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2011 Internet Marketing Spend Predictions: SEO Voted as #1 Priority

We love sharing new, relevant studies and trends with our blog readers. Below is a forward looking study where Top Rank Blog polled more than 200 Internet Marketing decision makers on which Internet Marketing Channels they planned to invest in for 2011. While we know most of our clients are currently focused on gearing up for this Christmas Season, we …

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How Consumers Shop Online – Study Highlights

Channel Advisor just released its bi-annual study titled “How Consumers Shop Online”.  As an industry leader in shopping comparison engines & product feeds, CA knows a thing or two about consumer shopping trends for the advertiser’s they serve.  The study comprised 850+ individuals in nearly 30 states, ages 18-65 years old.  To access the full report, click here. Here are …

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Forbes Study Reveals that Viral Marketing & SEO to See Greatest Increase in Spending

A recent study conducted by Forbes called the “2009 Advertising Effectivness Survey” has proclaimed that both Viral Marketing and Search Engine Optimization will experience the fastest growth and highest percentage spend increase in company budgets throughout 2009.  The study surveyed more than 100 key CMO’s and Marketing Executives who hold roles in advertising, marketing and media. Key findings from the …

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Update on Internet Usage by Generation

The Pew Research Center has released some very informative data on the shifting landscape of Internet usage by age group under its Pew Internet & American Life Project.  For the sake of time, we have recapped some key findings below that matter most to Internet Advertisers trying to engage and connect with various age groups.  The majority of this data …

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SEO Should Impact Website Redesign Plans

Most companies typically go through a major website redesign initiative every 2-3 years.  Larger corporations sometimes every 1-2 years.  MediaPost’s Search Insider Blog has outlined some very relevant advice to ensure that a redesign does not destroy current search engine rankings, but hopefully leads to a lift in organic rankings. Below are some of Search Insider’s primary suggestions by Rob …

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InternetRetailer Survey finds top priority is “Better Search Engine Optimization”

A recent InternetRetailer survey gathered information from more than 90 online retailers, in an effort to identify their primary objectives going into 2009.  The surveys focus was on web design, site content and rich media.  An overwhelming majority of respondents (73%) indicated that the top priority with website design was better search engine optimization.  This can be attributed to not …

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