New Media Marketing

6 Must-Have Website Features for Small Businesses

small business

Most people know by now that businesses of all sizes should have a website, but it’s not enough to simply have a presence on the internet. In order to keep up in highly competitive retail industries, small businesses need to have good websites. Whether you’re launching a new business site or re-launching an existing website, these are just a few of …

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Exclusive! Facebook Testing a New Page Layout!

After a week of seeing a new Facebook Page look, Triangle Direct Media has been able to confirm with a Facebook representative that they are in the process of testing and rolling out a new page layout design: “It does seem that this page display is a new roll-out feature. This is not available to everyone and some of the …

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Social Shoppers Love Pinterest

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for all kinds of social shoppers. Many people use Pinterest to find specific items they plan to purchase, while others use it to browse and organize ideas that will influence their future purchases. Either way, if your company sells to the demographic on Pinterest, then your content needs to be there when they …

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Top Three Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Despite their prevalence and success, the power of Facebook ads is still not being fully harnessed by a surprising number of businesses. Whether they don’t understand them, had bad results in the past due to flawed campaigns, or just don’t have the time, many businesses are simply missing out. If your business is not yet taking advantage of this powerful …

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Accurate Sizing Guide for Your Social Media Graphics

When a potential customer visits your business’ social media profiles, the first things that will greet them are your profile graphics. Crisp and appropriately sized images on your social media pages will promote a professional appearance online, and foster trust in your brand. Therefore it is important that you pay attention the specific sizing requirements for each social site to …

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Facebook Rolling Out Changes to Facebook Pages

Facebook recently started testing a new format and look for Facebook Pages. The updates are on a trial basis and small so you may not even notice that this happening. The new layout could have an impact on how your page looks and functions. The first noticeable difference will be the Profile Picture. It will now be much smaller and …

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Google and the ‘mobile friendly’ Browsing

Google and ‘mobile friendly’ browsing for smartphones and tablets. The recent change will have a big impact on how millions of people shop, eat, and locate retailers. The new Google Algorithm which was released recently will potentially rank sites higher that Google has deemed as ‘mobile friendly’. If your website doesn’t fit the predefined mobile friendly standards then your site …

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Social Signals and SEO Rankings

social signals

SOCIAL SIGNALS and SEO We all know that social media is a great way to help increase traffic. When connections are made by friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and others it shows user engagement with your brand. If we are focusing on great content and the content is frequently shared, linked to and generates …

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Facebook Bans The “Like Gate” Incentive for Pages

Facebook has officially banned the “like gate” for Pages. On August 7th, a post was published to the official Facebook Developer’s blog announcing some recent changes. Tucked near the bottom of the post is a section titled “Changes to Platform Policy,” which includes a new rule that will certainly impact how businesses run their Facebook pages: “You must not incentivize …

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What Google Plus Can Do for Your Business

google plus

Since its launch in the summer of 2011, there has been much uncertainty regarding the future success of Google Plus in the competitive market of social media.  However, over time we’ve learned that businesses who are active on Google’s own social media network known as Google +,  do have some advantages over businesses who have yet to create their own …

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