Top Three Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Despite their prevalence and success, the power of Facebook ads is still not being fully harnessed by a surprising number of businesses. Whether they don’t understand them, had bad results in the past due to flawed campaigns, or just don’t have the time, many businesses are simply missing out. If your business is not yet taking advantage of this powerful social marketing tool, here are three reasons you should reconsider:
Fb ads

  1. Facebook ads have a huge potential audience pool.

As you probably already know, it seems like everyone is on Facebook these days. The numbers back this up – according to recent stats, Facebook had an average of 1.01 billion DAILY active users in September 2015. And monthly, they have an average of 1.55 billion users logging in. With these numbers on your side, you can be sure that whatever your audience or niche is, there’s a way to reach them through Facebook ads.

  1. Facebook ads have unparalleled targeting ability.fb ads targeting

We all know Facebook has been steadily collecting all kinds of data on its users for years. Why not harness that power for your own business? Unlike most traditional advertising platforms, Facebook ads give you the ability to narrow your ad audience by specific interests and demographics. Looking to target your ads to women ages 30-40, who live around the Los Angeles region and are interested in basketball? You can do that with Facebook ads. Targeting options include gender, age, location, language, income, job, education, specific interests, and more! Facebook also offers a custom audience selection called lookalike audiences, which targets “potential customers who share similar characteristics with [your] current ones.”

  1. Facebook offers multiple types of ads with different goals.

fb ad campaign typesTraditional online ad campaigns typically offer a straightforward service – gaining clicks to your website in order to increase sales. While this is certainly still a top priority, it’s not always the only goal your marketing campaign has. Facebook understands that and offers multiple ad solutions in addition to the classic clicks to website campaign. Some of these alternatives include: gaining fans on your business page (which increases awareness and improves the marketing ability of your page posts), increasing awareness of your local brick and mortar storefront, raising RSVPs to your Facebook event, getting people to claim an offer, increasing video views, and more. Additionally, you can promote individual posts you make on your Facebook page to help combat low post impressions or to simply promote a specific sale, promotion, or new item.

As you can see, Facebook ads are a hugely powerful tool to have as part of your online marketing strategy. If you would like to get in on the action but don’t have the time or aren’t sure where to start, call Triangle Direct Media today to see how our Social Media Marketing experts can help! 919.228.2475

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