Blogs Greatly Influence Buying Decisions

A recent Jupiter Research and Buzz Logic study found that blogs were significant influencers when it comes to purchase decision making amongst consumers. In fact, the study found that blogs influence buying decisions more so than all other social media channels!  A couple of key statistics advertisers need to consider from this research of more than 2,000 online consumers are:

*Blogs influence purchases: One half (50%) of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.

*Among respondents who say they have trusted blog content for purchase decisions in the past, over half (52%) say blogs played a role in the critical moment they decided to move forward with a purchase.

*One in five general blog readers (defined as consumers who have read a blog in the past 12 months) use blog links to discover new blogs.

*For frequent readers, blog links appear to have a similar impact as a trusted recommendation from a person (a response from 39% of survey participants).

This is great news for advertisers that not only maintain and operate their own blog, but who also are tapping the power of blogger outreach for unbiased product & service reviews!  There are numerous studies, which we’ll be covering, that prove the impact of peer-to-peer reviews and how people of similar demographics (age, gender, geography, interests) trust other “peer” recommendations.  Popular sites like, and BizRate are destination portals with countless reviews on all types of products; they’re wonderful resources to the consumer.  Blogs, on the other hand, are independent, far reaching & diversified channels that tap into a deeper connection than review aggregators:  peer-to-peer trust that a blogger has with their own audience.

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