Beware! Buying Fake Facebook Likes is a Bad Idea

Big brands and small companies are starting to get the hint that social media is no longer an option and in order to be competitive in their industries, they must be successful in their social media networks. Underground markets for Social Media are emerging and their primary service is selling companies manufactured or “fake” likes. Typically when we hear the words “underground” or “black” market, it is because the products or services are unethical and illegal. In this case you are not going to be slapped with a criminal charge or fines, but there are serious consequences to follow if caught.

Here are a few reasons on why you should not take this underground approach.

It’s cheating – There is no other way to say it, and who really likes a cheater anyways? If your customers and fans catch wind that you cheated on gaining social media popularity through buying fake likes, there is a strong possibility that they will start developing their own questions and doubts of your Brand and operational practices.

Termination – Yes guys you read correctly, the free networking site can and will delete your site if you choose to participate in these activities. It is a huge violation to Facebook’s terms and conditions and they take this matter very seriously.

Waste of Money – fraudulent likes that are picked up on Facebook’s radar could simply vanish, without warning or notice. If you’ve spent a good bit of money on these fake likes and log in to check your Facebook insights and notice you have 20k fans missing, there is not much you can do. In mid September, FB announced that they would be cleaning up their user database and deleting any accounts that were ruled to be fake or have been inactive for quite some time.

Fake fans = equals fake customers – There are no benefits out of buying Facebook likes. You will not see increased fan engagement, in other words it may appear that you are a big name brand who is almost at their 30,000th fan, but will have a ghost town of a page. Fan engagement and pages full of activity from loyal fans and customers is what establishes the real social proof on your page.

The most powerful and successful influence over one person is other people, and this ideology can be applied to social media, online marketing and other media outlets. If a potential customer visits your page and sees that fans are active on your page and joining in on the conversation, then there is a higher chance that they too will join the buzz.

Successful campaigns are ones that have employed a marketing strategy and take the required time needed to build their accounts from the ground up. Hiring a company like Triangle Direct Media and working with a social media manager, will not only ensure that you are following the correct procedures and practices as outline by Facebook’s terms and conditions, but will also allow you to focus on other important elements in your business.

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