How To Handle Facebook Reviews for Businesses

You might be aware that some Facebook business pages display a 5-star rating system where users can publicly review their experiences with that company. A few of the obvious benefits of enabling your ratings include valuable word-of-mouth endorsements, increased trustworthiness, and established credibility.

However, did you know that the star rating also affects the organic reach of your page’s public posts? That’s right – your reviews are a factor in Facebook’s “Edgerank,” the algorithm that determines your posts’ ranking in the news feed. This means that Facebook reviews directly impact your brand visibility, making them doubly important. With that in mind, here are some tips for learning to manage yours:

First of all, decide whether page reviews are right for your business. If your business struggles to effectively handle customer service complaints on social media, frequently receives negative reviews elsewhere on the internet, or is a potential victim of sabotage, then turning on Facebook reviews might not be the right choice for your page.

Learn how to turn page reviews on or off. Log in and view your Business Page. At the time of writing, the review setting is located with your page’s address information, under the “About” tab. Click the section on the left for “Page Info.” Click to edit your address, then check or uncheck the option about star ratings.

Respond politely to both negative and positive reviews.
When you get a positive review, it’s always a good idea to thank the customer with a polite, friendly reply! Customers like to know that you’re listening to them, and taking a few seconds of your day to let them know that you appreciate them and their time inspires positive brand associations and increased customer loyalty.

If you get a negative review, it’s time for damage control. We all know that nobody is perfect and you can’t please everyone – sometimes mistakes are made, the shipping company loses a package, or a customer is just impossible to please. However, ignoring a customer who is voicing their frustration will not make the problem go away, and failure to address a negative review makes it look like you don’t care about your customers.

Since Facebook reviews cannot be deleted, hidden, or removed by the page owner, it is generally recommended that you publicly acknowledge the review. The first step prior to responding is to research the event that the review is about. Can you look up the reviewer’s name in your order history? Do you have records of previous customer service interactions with them? Once you know what the problem is, then you can try to address it.

Be sure to remain polite and apologize (even if you haven’t done anything wrong). Never argue with a customer or respond harshly. This can be seen as disrespectful, and could deter future potential customers from engaging with your store or services.

If possible, request to handle their complaint in private – especially if they seem angry and emotional. Something as simple as “we’re sorry we let you down – we have looked up your order and will be emailing you soon to see what we can do to fix this for you” or “we’d really like to discuss this with you – will you send us a private message so we can help find a solution?” will go a long way, not only in possibly earning this customer’s business back, but also impressing any potential customer that sees this interaction on your page. Most customers know that mistakes are inevitable, but it will reassure them if they see that you care and are willing to work with them to resolve their complaint.

Ultimately, the Facebook Star Ratings system offers businesses a great avenue to not only show off their positive reviews, but also to display a willingness to resolve customer problems. Does your small business effectively utilize Facebook reviews? If not, you can always give us a call to discuss our Social Media solutions for small businesses!

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