Advertising on Facebook for your business: Is it really worth it?

Let Facebook make money for your business


To advertise or not to advertise on Facebook has been a question that small businesses have been struggling to answer.  With some recent statistics and list of benefits outlined in this article, you might be able to finally answer that question yourself.

Facebook’s preferred marketing and developer program, found that Facebook’s ad clicks, impressions and sponsored stories resulted in an increased ROI for advertisers this year, as compared to the results from 2012., according to their Q3 Social Intelligence Report.

In this report it also states that Facebook ads experienced a 29% increase in clicks from users, and a 58% increase in a ROI for businesses who participated in ad campaigns.  Why are Facebook ads ideal and beneficial to small businesses?  Listed below are a few reasons on why advertising your business on Facebook can be a lucrative and powerful tool.


  • Increase the number of emails for your email marketing data base by using different tactics such as giveaways, sweepstakes, newsletter sign ups and more!
  • Generate activity and social media buzz from an audience who are interested in your products and are likely buyers.
  • Promote sales, coupons and promotional campaigns.
  • Increasing brand awareness and social proof for your business page.
  • Expand your reach for leads and potential customers
  • Build a like-minded social community
  • Increased engagement from fans and customers.


With the ability to become specific in your targeting with location, age, gender, interests, education and marital status, you can set up your Facebook ad campaign to reach only those that fit within the demographic of your consumers. This would eliminate waste in advertising spend and only allow your message to be shown to those who are potential buyers. Also, being able to change, pause or increase budget spend makes this option a favorable one too when in comparison to print marketing.

Adobe is not the only one who is seeing the substantial growth in Facebook ads, but our clients at Triangle Direct Media are also reaping the rewards from their ad campaigns.  Some of these rewards include increased email addresses for their marketing campaigns, fan likes and engagement, increased sales and website traffic.   Whatever your social media objective may be, it’s safe to say that Facebook advertising has become a much more effective and important tool for online marketing. We would love to hear about your experience! Have you seen a return of investment from your Facebook Ads? If you are not using Ads on Facebook, then what other digital practices are you currently participating in?

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