95% of Social Marketers will maintain or increase spending in 2009!

News from a just released Forrester Research report, led by Jeremiah K. Owyang, indicates that Social Media Marketing is poised for top-of-the-class growth in Interactive Marketing in 2009!  The study which surveyed more than 100 mid-market sized companies (with 250+ employees or more), found that 95% of companies plan to keep or increase spending in 2009:

social media spending growth

While many marketing budgets are being cinched, more than 50% of interactive marketers say they will increase their spending on social marketing. Why? These inexpensive tools can quickly get marketing messages out through interactive discussion and rapid word of mouth and, properly managed, can deliver measurable results.

If your business has considered social media (w/out action taken) or if you are an in-house marketer trying to champion the cause for your company to invest into new media marketing strategies such as social media, organic search, blogging, etc — then use independent, 3rd party studies like these to your advantage!  Today’s “traditional business owners” can still use some educating.

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