6 Must-Have Website Features for Small Businesses

Most people know by now that businesses of all sizes should have a website, but it’s not enough to simply have a presence on the internet. In order to keep up in highly competitive retail industries, small businesses need to have good websites. Whether you’re launching a new business site or re-launching an existing website, these are just a few of the many important parts that make up a quality business website:

  1. Accurate contact information – preferably multiple methods
    • Making it difficult (or impossible) to contact your business is a quick way to lose a customer. It also looks suspicious when an ecommerce retailer has no way to get in touch with them. Make sure your website clearly lists a few ways to reach out to a support representative.
  2. Links to social media and social sharing buttons
    • Along the same lines, make sure to have visible links to your social media profiles. Most shoppers do background research on a business before committing to a purchase, and the shorter you make that process, the less likely they are to bounce before buying.
    • Social sharing buttons also make it easier for visitors to post a product to their own Facebook timeline or Pinterest boards, creating organic marketing for you as well as boosting your social proof without you lifting a finger.
  3. Mobile-responsiveness
    • Google started including mobile responsiveness as an SEO ranking factor as far back as mid-2015. Mobile internet browsing had officially surpassed desktop browsing by the end of 2016. At this point, all online businesses should have a mobile-friendly website!
  4. High quality, SEO optimized content
    • Part of the reasoning your website needs high quality content is obvious; you want your site to be legible to customers, and poor grammar and writing is an easy way to look untrustworthy.
    • There’s another reason, though: SEO. Content is still King, according to Google, and your website text, titles, and meta tags need to be well written and properly formulated so that search engines will rank your website highly enough that prospective customers can find you.
  5. Site Search capability
    • This one is especially relevant for retailers with a long or diverse catalog. The harder it is for a potential customer to find a product they’re looking for, the higher the chances they’ll give up and move on to your competitor. Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for with a quick site search feature.
  6. A current and attractive site design
    • Humans form a first impression of each other within the first 7 seconds of meeting. The same can be said for seeing a website for the first time. If your website features a design from the early ’00s, that can be off-putting to prospective customers. Make sure your design is functional and updated to modern standards.

If you’re just getting started or are revamping your business’ website, consider whether you are missing any of the above features. If you need help, Triangle Direct Media provides SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing services to make sure your business has every advantage it needs to succeed!

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