2015 Online Marketing Predictions


  1. The Spartan Project will increase Bing’s market share. Well it’s about time Microsoft got a new browser! When was the last time someone willingly used Internet Explorer? I know people use it (58% in fact), but I get the feeling it’s just from being the default on PCs, right? With a new “lightweight” browser, Microsoft hopes users actually choose Spartan. And they have the opportunity for Spartan (or whatever they call it) to lead users to use Bing instead of Google. Right now Bing has only 19% of the search traffic. Let’s see if they can get that up to 25% by year end.
  2. Google Plus will mercifully be put to rest. Yay! Finally! Not exactly a fearless prediction here. The writing has been on the wall since Vic Gundotra, the key employee who spearheaded the project for the past 8 years, left Google. I’m sure most online marketers can’t wait to see this happen. G+ has been a ghost town since it launched, and yet it still has SEO value so you can’t ignore it. By the end of 2015, you will be able to ignore it – and you won’t be forced to have a G+ account if you want to write a review, sign up for gmail, customize your search settings or…well you get the idea.
  3. I’ll stop getting Fax Spam. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but come on! It’s 2015! I don’t think your unsolicited check for $67,000 is real!
  4. Content will be the new Linking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that linking is dead. Not even close. If you don’t believe me, do a little research on the websites ranking for “seo company” and see what you find. It’s clearly still an important piece of Google’s algorithm and (another prediction I suppose) it will continue to be into 2015. However, it’s not nearly as important as it was back in 2007. In 2015, Google will increasingly emphasize content. Fresh, juicy, unique, riveting content. If your content is stale, your rankings will slide. If your content is duplicated throughout the web, your rankings might plummet. In 2015, you need to keep it fresh.
  5. Big Box Brands will lose Traffic. So with that said about Freshness and Content, it’s often the big box brands that lag behind on developing that unique content. Right now, the Walmarts and Amazons of the world are at an advantage because of mentions (and links of course) throughout the web. However, if their content continues to be weak, there will be room for medium-sized online retailers to swoop up some rankings, especially in their niche.
  6. Google will suffer a PR Backlash. Someone writes an article about Google being evil every day, so this isn’t exactly bold. But I’m talking about a serious national scandal that turns people off from using the search engine. Big G has its hands in so many different facets of global politics and business right now that something will go wrong. It isn’t hard to imagine that a backlash could happen over spying, their work with the Department of Defense, their involvement with the Democratic Party, their loose internal moral structure, etc. Something will happen. And it will cost them a few points of market share.
  7. Facebook will develop a Search Engine. Facebook recently broke off from Bing search results, and they have their own search tool within FB itself. But I’m talking about a real search engine – something designed to compete with Google. And if they can successfully index and serve search results for trillions of people, business pages, posts, and comments, then they can certainly step up to the plate.

Well there you have it, our predictions for 2015! Even if none of these prove to be true, there’s one prediction that I’m 100% confident in making, that Online Marketing will Continue to Evolve! If you need help keeping up, we can help!

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