2011 Internet Marketing Spend Predictions: SEO Voted as #1 Priority

We love sharing new, relevant studies and trends with our blog readers. Below is a forward looking study where Top Rank Blog polled more than 200 Internet Marketing decision makers on which Internet Marketing Channels they planned to invest in for 2011. While we know most of our clients are currently focused on gearing up for this Christmas Season, we did want to share the future trends of web spend and where budgets are going. If you’re already planning or discussing budget allocation in 2011, please take note.  In total, more than 40 different Internet Marketing vehicles received responses but the overwhelming favorites were #1 Search Engine Optimization, #2 Social Network Participation & #3 Blogging.

Internet Marketing Spend 2011

While we are biased towards our own offerings, it is exciting to see that 3 of Top 5 channels that will receive the highest percentage of Internet Marketing Spend in 2011 are our 3 Primary Areas of Expertise!

  • Search Engine Optimization (via SEO tool, SEO Consulting & link building campaigns)
  • Blogging (via blog design, blog marketing & link building campaigns)
  • Content Marketing (via educational/authority content & distribution services that generate quality backlinks)

Do you know where your business and its website(s) have the greatest areas for improvement?  Market share opportunity?  Competitive Advantages? Feel free to include your thoughts and comment on this post.  You can go here for the full study & additional commentary.  If you’d like to discuss your 2011 Internet Marketing Initiatives and where your budgets are best spent, we’d love to talk to you!  Don’t be shy, contact us.

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