Social Shoppers Love Pinterest

by Claire H. on April 18, 2016

android-buyable-pins-lifestylePinterest is the go-to social media platform for all kinds of social shoppers. Many people use Pinterest to find specific items they plan to purchase, while others use it to browse and organize ideas that will influence their future purchases. Either way, if your company sells to the demographic on Pinterest, then your content needs to be there when they look for it.

A recent study by Millward Brown Digital has discovered that 93% of users reported that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases. Additionally, 87% of Pinterest users reported that engagement on the site helped them decide what to purchase, and a further 72% of users indicated that they’d made purchases offline based on what they saw on Pinterest. These statistics mean your company can tap into a huge potential audience of active shoppers by interacting with them on Pinterest.

In fact, it is quite likely that consumers are already pinning your products straight from your website. By getting there first and pre-emptively providing your content within Pinterest, this puts the control back in your hands and allows us to choose the most optimized and engaging text and imagery in order to reach the people who are looking for your content.

Using Pinterest as a business offers a unique opportunity for you to capitalize on the shopping mentality that comes along with that demographic. If you need help managing your business’ Pinterest (or simply don’t have the time), Triangle Direct Media’s Social Media Department can expertly create and curate boards for your brand, not only to provide optimized content for the products users are looking for now, but also to inspire pinners and cultivate future purchases.

Today is the day to get started on Pinterest so that you can put your brand in front of the most active social shoppers!

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Launching a new site is a very exciting and nerve-wracking process. The old website that looks like it was made in the Atari era is almost gone, soon to be replaced by a sleek new up-to-date design. The old ways of uploading products where you had as much creativity as a Soviet journalist will be gone too. You’ll test it and retest it to make sure the user experience is second-to-none in your industry.

The day is almost there where you show it off and reap the rewards of all the hard (and expensive) work. Unfortunately, most new sites have a major problem – their rankings suffer. Which means less natural search traffic. Which means less potential buyers. Which means (most importantly) less sales. So that excited feeling quickly becomes panic that the new expensive site isn’t going to live up to expectations.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

website re-launch

First of all, why do re-platformed sites’ rankings tend to drop off a cliff? The simple answer is that SEO is not just a line item when you’re purchasing a new website. We’ve seen it so often where a site owner is convinced that the new site will be SEO-friendly because part of the sales process said “SEO-friendly URLs” or “SEO Included”. Yes, the basics of SEO may be done by the web development company, but more often than not, the SEO work does not go past those basics. The web design firm is good at web design – making user-friendly, admin-friendly, functional, attractive websites. Most are not experts in SEO as well.

Optimizing any website is difficult. Coming up with the best strategy for site structure, linking both internal and external, content, social signals, and more (there are over 200 ranking signals in google’s algorithm), takes an expertise and specialization in the field.

Optimizing a re-platformed site is even tougher because there are so many other factors to consider, such as:

  • Are the old URLs being redirected properly?
  • Do you have an inventory of all the old URLs and new URLs to assure everything was done?
  • Are there any instances where soft 404s are appropriate?
  • What is google caching two weeks after launch? Two months after launch?
  • What do you do with the old sitemap? How should the new one be constructed?
  • What happens to the URLs that were ranking well?

And this is just the start of what to analyze. Executing a proper re-platforming for SEO purposes is a process left for experts in the SEO field.

This is not to preach doom and gloom with a relaunch process. Like I mentioned, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. When done properly, a re-platformed site’s rankings can actually improve fairly quickly.

If you’re looking at re-platforming your website and you want to make sure it’s done properly, don’t wait. Waiting until after the launch only means more work – plus months of potential traffic loss. Contact Triangle Direct Meida today and make sure your website launch is done properly from the ground up.

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“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”

-Craig Davis

content curation social media marketingWhen brands take on the world of social media marketing, one of the biggest temptations is to use it as just another marketing platform, like your website or a tv commercial. Time and time again, we see brands that are posting only promotional content on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, or posting about themselves too often. The truth is that this is not usually an effective way to leverage your social media accounts – especially not for small businesses, who are expected to be more ‘human’ than large corporations – and it’s a quick way to drive your fans away.

Last year, a study by BuzzStream and Fractl found that the number one reason Facebook users unfollow a brand’s page is due to “too much self-promotion.” Likewise, 26% of responders said that the most important factor when deciding whether to follow a brand is whether it “fits their interests” – that’s more than the amount of responders that said “offering high-quality products” was their primary consideration in following a brand!

This makes sense – when people log on to Facebook, they are first and foremost looking to catch up with their friends and be entertained. People don’t want to log in and be overrun by your brand telling them to buy something every time they look at their newsfeed.

That’s not to say that you can’t ever post promotional content on social media! The trick is to strike the right balance between the amount of self-promotion content you post and the amount of interesting curated content you offer.

What is “curated content”?

Curated content is a catch-all phrase that just means content you’ve gathered from other sources. This could mean anything from articles to infographics to photos, preferably related to your industry or the interests of your customers in some way. Do you sell women’s fashion? Try sharing that HuffPost article about the latest Spring fashion trends. If you sell sport supplies, the dramatic video from last night’s game could spark discussion in the comments.

Regardless of your niche, chances are that there is material out there that would be of interest to your followers, so utilize it to keep their interest! Posting about your latest sale or new product is great, but it doesn’t do much good if you’ve run all your fans off. However, posting frequent interesting and engaging content in between your promotional posts will help balance out your page so that people will stay engaged and actually pay attention when you post.

Another benefit of posting curated content? It’s more likely to get engagement from your fans (likes, shares, comments), which will provide an algorithmic boost to your other Facebook posts, meaning your promotional posts may see a higher organic reach.

If you don’t have the time to search for related content or you’re not sure where to start, our Social Media experts are here to help! Call or email us to discuss our Social Media solutions.

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