Accurate Sizing Guide for Your Social Media Graphics

by Claire H. on September 23, 2015

When a potential customer visits your business’ social media profiles, the first things that will greet them are your profile graphics. Crisp and appropriately sized images on your social media pages will promote a professional appearance online, and foster trust in your brand. Therefore it is important that you pay attention the specific sizing requirements for each social site to ensure that your graphics are cropped and positioned accurately.

Here are the official guidelines for many of the dimension requirements encountered on social media sites:

Facebook Images

Facebook has several different image positions to consider. Here are the most important ones that you are most likely to use:

Profile Picture

Although profile pictures display in a slightly smaller size, your image still needs to be at least 180×180 pixels for optimal clarity. If your image is too small, Facebook will enlarge the image, reducing quality and causing blur. If it is too large, Facebook will prompt you to crop the image and reposition it so that it fits.

Cover Photo

facebook 2015
On computers, cover photos display at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. It is important to keep in mind that several parts of your cover photo will be overlapped by the profile picture, call to action buttons, and the headline of your page.

For smartphones, however, cover photos are 640×360, so portions of your cover photo will be cropped out. Keep this in mind when designing your cover photo, because mobile users number in the millions!

cover photo dimensions
facebook mobile facebook layout 2015

Images Posted to Your Page Timeline

There is some leniency in sizing for Facebook timeline and newsfeed posts. Officially, 1200×1200 pixels is the ideal size to post since it will use the entire space Facebook provides in the timeline with the highest quality picture. You can still post images that aren’t confined to this size, however, as Facebook will scale it to best fit the space. This may result in some empty space to the side, however.

Facebook will automatically adjust timeline posts at a 1:1 ratio for desktop or mobile appearances, so if you follow these guidelines your post images will always be viewed the way you intend!

Twitter Images

A Twitter page also has several different image sizes to be aware of. Their function is certainly similar to Facebook images, but their dimension requirements are very different.

Profile and Header Photo

The recommended size for your account’s header photo is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high. The profile image should be 400×400 pixels, and will overlap a portion of the header photo.

Tweet images

An image that you share in a Tweet can be any size, but Twitter’s in-stream preview will show images at a 2:1 ratio, with a minimum of 440 x 220. However, your image will be automatically scaled to fit the 506×253 frame on desktop.

twitter images

Google+ Images
Google+ allows for some variance in the required image sizes, but abiding by their recommendations will give your profile images a cleaner and more professional appearance.

Profile and Cover Photo

The cover photo will be positioned to the right of your profile picture with neither one overlapping the other.

The recommended size for the cover photo is 1080 pixels wide by 608 pixels high, but it will accept images that range from 480×270 to 2120×1192.
The profile picture will be featured as a circle, so you need to keep in mind how it will be cropped when you are uploading a square image. The minimum size for a profile picture is 250×250 pixels, however, it is recommended to use a larger size.
Post Photos
The size of timeline post photos in Google+ will vary, and it is easy to find what works best for you within the guidelines set by Google. The minimum width of an image must be 497 pixels (the display height will be scaled accord to your image size), and the maximum upload size is 2,048 x 2,048 pixels.

new g+ logo

When you share a link, the thumbnail will appear as 150×150 pixels.


The photograph used for your profile picture on Pinterest will be in a circle frame, and if you create a Pinterest account that is linked to Facebook, then Pinterest will pull the profile image you have from there. Otherwise, when setting up an account linked to an email address, you can upload a square image that Pinterest will crop to fit the frame. The image will appear at 165×165 pixels on the home page, and while the largest uploadable size is 10 MB, the larger your image is, the better it will look.

Crisp and accurately framed images contribute to the appeal of your brand and promote a more professional online presence. If you’re still struggling to get the look you want, our social media team can provide custom, high-quality graphics for your page that will accommodate all of these social graphic guidelines!

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How To Handle Facebook Reviews for Businesses

by Ashley Stafford on September 15, 2015

You might be aware that some Facebook business pages display a 5-star rating system where users can publicly review their experiences with that company. A few of the obvious benefits of enabling your ratings include valuable word-of-mouth endorsements, increased trustworthiness, and established credibility.

However, did you know that the star rating also affects the organic reach of your page’s public posts? That’s right – your reviews are a factor in Facebook’s “Edgerank,” the algorithm that determines your posts’ ranking in the news feed. This means that Facebook reviews directly impact your brand visibility, making them doubly important. With that in mind, here are some tips for learning to manage yours:

First of all, decide whether page reviews are right for your business. If your business struggles to effectively handle customer service complaints on social media, frequently receives negative reviews elsewhere on the internet, or is a potential victim of sabotage, then turning on Facebook reviews might not be the right choice for your page.

Learn how to turn page reviews on or off. Log in and view your Business Page. At the time of writing, the review setting is located with your page’s address information, under the “About” tab. Click the section on the left for “Page Info.” Click to edit your address, then check or uncheck the option about star ratings.

Respond politely to both negative and positive reviews.
When you get a positive review, it’s always a good idea to thank the customer with a polite, friendly reply! Customers like to know that you’re listening to them, and taking a few seconds of your day to let them know that you appreciate them and their time inspires positive brand associations and increased customer loyalty.

If you get a negative review, it’s time for damage control. We all know that nobody is perfect and you can’t please everyone – sometimes mistakes are made, the shipping company loses a package, or a customer is just impossible to please. However, ignoring a customer who is voicing their frustration will not make the problem go away, and failure to address a negative review makes it look like you don’t care about your customers.

Since Facebook reviews cannot be deleted, hidden, or removed by the page owner, it is generally recommended that you publicly acknowledge the review. The first step prior to responding is to research the event that the review is about. Can you look up the reviewer’s name in your order history? Do you have records of previous customer service interactions with them? Once you know what the problem is, then you can try to address it.

Be sure to remain polite and apologize (even if you haven’t done anything wrong). Never argue with a customer or respond harshly. This can be seen as disrespectful, and could deter future potential customers from engaging with your store or services.

If possible, request to handle their complaint in private – especially if they seem angry and emotional. Something as simple as “we’re sorry we let you down – we have looked up your order and will be emailing you soon to see what we can do to fix this for you” or “we’d really like to discuss this with you – will you send us a private message so we can help find a solution?” will go a long way, not only in possibly earning this customer’s business back, but also impressing any potential customer that sees this interaction on your page. Most customers know that mistakes are inevitable, but it will reassure them if they see that you care and are willing to work with them to resolve their complaint.

Ultimately, the Facebook Star Ratings system offers businesses a great avenue to not only show off their positive reviews, but also to display a willingness to resolve customer problems. Does your small business effectively utilize Facebook reviews? If not, you can always give us a call to discuss our Social Media solutions for small businesses!

About the author:
Ashley Stafford
Social Media Manager #triangledirectmedia
Facebook: | Twitter: @triangledirect
G+: +Triangledirectmedia.

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Facebook Rolling Out Changes to Facebook Pages

by Jeff on September 9, 2015

Facebook recently started testing a new format and look for Facebook Pages. The updates are on a trial basis and small so you may not even notice that this happening. The new layout could have an impact on how your page looks and functions.

The first noticeable difference will be the Profile Picture. It will now be much smaller and will overlay and offset below the cover image. The size is to be 88px x 88px including the white border. The profile image should be uploaded at the current 180px x 180px so when clicked it will display full size, for now.

The Tabs now align left and under the new profile picture.

The CTA (call to action) button is showing up as a blue button at the bottom left of the cover photo and top left of the sidebar.

Other buttons: Like, Follow, Message, and Share buttons will now be located under the cover photo and not on the image itself. This creates more visual real estate and will make using more organic photos much easier, since designers will not have to allow for multiple buttons on the image.

facebook page changes

Below is how the page will look when viewed as an Admin. Notice the new CTA button under the profile image, which is viewable when the page is viewed using the ‘View Page as a Visitor’.

call to action facebook

The CTA button allows for the following items to be setup:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Another great advertising option is the ability to pay to advertise your call-to-action button.

The social media marketing team at Triangle Direct Media agrees that the new design updates for the Facebook pages allows for more space and better branding options especially with the new CTA button set up. The updates seem to be rolling out on a per-user (viewer) basis, not a per-page basis, so some people may already be seeing the changes.

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