Let Facebook make money for your business


To advertise or not to advertise on Facebook has been a question that small businesses have been struggling to answer.  With some recent statistics and list of benefits outlined in this article, you might be able to finally answer that question yourself.

Facebook’s preferred marketing and developer program, found that Facebook’s ad clicks, impressions and sponsored stories resulted in an increased ROI for advertisers this year, as compared to the results from 2012., according to their Q3 Social Intelligence Report.

In this report it also states that Facebook ads experienced a 29% increase in clicks from users, and a 58% increase in a ROI for businesses who participated in ad campaigns.  Why are Facebook ads ideal and beneficial to small businesses?  Listed below are a few reasons on why advertising your business on Facebook can be a lucrative and powerful tool.


  • Increase the number of emails for your email marketing data base by using different tactics such as giveaways, sweepstakes, newsletter sign ups and more!
  • Generate activity and social media buzz from an audience who are interested in your products and are likely buyers.
  • Promote sales, coupons and promotional campaigns.
  • Increasing brand awareness and social proof for your business page.
  • Expand your reach for leads and potential customers
  • Build a like-minded social community
  • Increased engagement from fans and customers.


With the ability to become specific in your targeting with location, age, gender, interests, education and marital status, you can set up your Facebook ad campaign to reach only those that fit within the demographic of your consumers. This would eliminate waste in advertising spend and only allow your message to be shown to those who are potential buyers. Also, being able to change, pause or increase budget spend makes this option a favorable one too when in comparison to print marketing.

Adobe is not the only one who is seeing the substantial growth in Facebook ads, but our clients at Triangle Direct Media are also reaping the rewards from their ad campaigns.  Some of these rewards include increased email addresses for their marketing campaigns, fan likes and engagement, increased sales and website traffic.   Whatever your social media objective may be, it’s safe to say that Facebook advertising has become a much more effective and important tool for online marketing. We would love to hear about your experience! Have you seen a return of investment from your Facebook Ads? If you are not using Ads on Facebook, then what other digital practices are you currently participating in?

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Pinterest Goes on the Map

by Christina Bledsoe on December 18, 2013

Pinterest on the MapIt’s no secret that Pinterest’s user demographic is full of buying customers, and with the ability to link back to your website, we can see the search engine ranking benefit.  But adding maps to your boards and pins? That should raise some eyebrows for local business owners.

Here are a few reasons why local business owners should be dedicating more time to their Pinterest page.

  1. Map things you want to remember, see or revisit. Let’s use this scenario: you are planning to spend a week in the big apple and you want to make sure that you visit all the tourist attractions, eat the best food in the city, and end the night with a popular show or a cocktail at a trendy spot on the corner.  Well now with Place Pins, you can just create a board and name it “Things I want to do in NYC.” If you’re a local business owner or even a privately owned park, you’ll want to put yourself on that Pinterest map.
  2. Each Pin comes loaded with more information than ever. Not only can you click through to your website, but now your pin (with maps enabled), will come with all the extra details that every business owner wants associated with their page: address, hours of operation, email address, and contact information.
  3. Pinterest still remains mobile and desktop friendly.   If you’re planning your trip and listing all the best barbeque places in North Carolina, or on the go in a new city, your pins stay with you.  You can access your Places to Visit board from your computer at home just as easily as you could access your pins while waiting for your oil change and thinking of where to book your next flight.
  4. Group Boards allows you to plan vacations or celebrations. For example, a bridal shower in which everyone is involved.  As a caterer, wedding planner or entertainment company, this could be a great way to generate more exposure, business and referrals. Remember, if you’re a company who has an image that is pinned to a group board, every one that is invited to comment and view that board will see your company’s pin.

With the rapid growth in Pinterest users and its increasing popularity, you’ll want your social media strategy to include branding your location on Pinterest.  Think you have the best homemade ice cream shakes in town?  Then I would not wait any longer to start pinning those delicious shakes you brag all over town about, because you just don’t know which Pinner might stop by for a visit! Happy Pinning!

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Is Pinterest a powerful SM tool for your business?

by Ashley Hincher on December 3, 2013

pinterest-growing-social-media-1It is becoming more evident than ever that social media is a powerful tool for businesses. However, with so many social media websites out there, it’s no wonder that small business owners can become confused about which sites to use and which sites to skip. While Facebook is a necessary choice for every business, some social media sites are better suited to certain business than others. One such website is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a photo sharing website that is based on the concept of a pin board. A user can “pin” images from a website, other users, or their own computer files to their Pinterest boards, which can then be “repinned” by other users, and so on (much like retweeting). These pinned images frequently link to a blog post or a product from an external website.

Why should your business use Pinterest?

  • The primary demographic of Pinterest is women between the ages of 25 and 45. These are the people who are most likely to buy online, or order something they found online.
  • Pinterest generates more revenue per click than either Twitter or Facebook! Pinterest users are more likely to buy than other social media users, and they tend to spend more when they do make a purchase.
  • Your pins will retain the link back to your website, no matter how many times it is repinned. So the person who repins it for the 76th time will still be directed to your website, just like the 1st person who saw it.
  • Promoted Pins are in the works. Just like promoted pages or stories on Facebook, Pinterest will soon be introducing the ability to advertise your business within the site.
  • Categories and tags are an integral function of the site, which means higher chances for your products and pins to be seen.
  • It is likely that your customers are already pinning your products – you might as well provide the material and get the credit! Add a “Pin it” button directly to your website to encourage users to share your products in a way that links back to you.

So, how do you know if your business should use Pinterest?

  • You sell visually appealing products, such as clothing, jewelry, etc
  • Your products are used to create visually appealing items/end products. If you sell home improvement supplies, makeup, camera supplies, or anything else that is used to create something, you would do very well by posting images of official examples and fan-submitted creations that utilize your goods. This is especially appealing if you combine it with the power of blogging, and link your pinned images to blog posts that give step-by-step instructions.
  • Your products are targeted to a clear, distinct audience (or multiple distinct audiences). You can easily reach your audience by pinning and repinning things that are specifically of interest to them. If you sell pet products, pin any of the millions of cute animal pictures and tips. Likewise, if you sell cookware you can repin food, or if you sell mother/baby gifts or supplies, repin parenting tips and family pictures!

Truly, the possibilities are endless, and cute or informative pins spread like wildfire on Pinterest. Why not take advantage of that virality to promote your own product in an organic way to the biggest shoppers online?

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What Google Plus Can Do for Your Business

November 19, 2013

Since its launch in the summer of 2011, there has been much uncertainty regarding the future success of Google Plus in the competitive market of social media.  However, over time we’ve learned that businesses who are active on Google’s own social media network known as Google +,  do have some advantages over businesses who have […]

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Remembering 9-11

September 11, 2013

Just a quick note to say we are remembering and marking today as the anniversary of 9-11  today. Thank you to all of our men and women in uniform helping to protect this great country.

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Beware! Buying Fake Facebook Likes is a Bad Idea

April 9, 2013

Big brands and small companies are starting to get the hint that social media is no longer an option and in order to be competitive in their industries, they must be successful in their social media networks. Underground markets for Social Media are emerging and their primary service is selling companies manufactured or “fake” likes. […]

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Create the Social Buzz on Your Page

March 19, 2013

Social media last year proved to be an internet phenomenon and continues to grow at increasing rates here in 2013. User participation soared for Facebook and Twitter when Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they would be expecting a royal baby. However, Facebook and Twitter are not just for gossip these days. When Hurricane Sandy […]

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News-Feeds Going Personal! Confirmed changes to take place on Facebook

March 8, 2013

Earlier this week there was much speculation on what Facebook had in the works for its users. Following a press event, we can confirm that the changes on the news-feed are due to start integrating in the next few weeks. Here is what we can expect to see The overall look of “News-Feeds” will be […]

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Rumor has it…Facebook is Making Big Changes Again!

March 6, 2013

We all remember when Facebook launched the new Timeline, first offering users to sign up for the new feature and then later requiring all accounts to switch to the new design. During this time I also witnessed many people expressing their frustrations and dislikes of the new changes from their personal Facebook walls. One important […]

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Can Facebook Graph Search Dominate Google Local?

February 21, 2013

Have you heard about Facebook Graph Search?  It’s the new search bar on Facebook that (they hope) will change the way you search, ideally reducing the need to use Google.  Currently Graph Search is in beta, and Facebook is rolling it out to more and more users every day.  I got a chance to look […]

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